Stephen Wright

Dr Stephen Wright is the general manager of the National Cyber Skills Centre. Previous positions include building the U.S. West Coast mid market manufacturing and supply chain practice with Deloitte, managing an aerospace company turnaround as the MD, managing a business start-up and incubation company, and developing his own management consultancy serving Silicon Valley high tech businesses.


The news cycle over the weekend was dominated by reports of a worldwide spate of ransomware based Cyber Attacks. There is plenty of information covering the how, and the why, and the inevitable finger pointing has started with many looking to allocate blame to various governments and their associated agencies. Common questions following this type of event are how it […]

The National Cyber Skills Centre was invited to contribute thoughts and insights to a wide range of cyber security topics being discussed in an article by Premier Business Care. Supporting this article with their own commentary were friends and partners of the National Cyber Skills Centre, including Dr Jessica Barker, Owner of cyber security consultancy firm J L Barker Ltd […]

There are quite a few words below that I hope you will read, but the gist of it is the smart companies take something that they “have to do”, that has a real cost, and use it as a value add to both suppliers and customers: they deliver something that their competitors don’t have. In a nutshell your current and […]