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When I advise businesses on being protected against cyber-attacks, one of the first things I focus on is their desktop operating systems. Updates bring about improvements, and fix potential security flaws. It is free, and can easily be automated, but can also be forgotten. Old operating systems often cannot be updated, and from a security perspective this is dangerous. Organisations […]


The news cycle over the weekend was dominated by reports of a worldwide spate of ransomware based Cyber Attacks. There is plenty of information covering the how, and the why, and the inevitable finger pointing has started with many looking to allocate blame to various governments and their associated agencies. Common questions following this type of event are how it […]

The National Cyber Skills Centre was invited to contribute thoughts and insights to a wide range of cyber security topics being discussed in an article by Premier Business Care. Supporting this article with their own commentary were friends and partners of the National Cyber Skills Centre, including Dr Jessica Barker, Owner of cyber security consultancy firm J L Barker Ltd […]

The Human Factor in Cyber Risk is the biggest cyber threat that businesses face today…… Businesses recognize the cyber risk created by the outside threat of a hacker but the human factor or insider threat is the greater threat . By virtue of human nature, people are susceptible to making mistakes and it is this unpredictability that offers most businesses […]

2016 has been a defining year for cyber risk… There have been many events that have contributed towards shaping cyber risk this year however there are a number of stand out “Influencers” that have impacted on businesses during the year and will continue to do so in the future. This has raised the awareness of cyber risk in the UK […]

Are you on road to the Cyber Highway? It is unlikely that your supply chain is travelling in this direction yet as this initiative was only launched last month in London by Lord David Blunkett, the chairman of Cyber Essentials Direct Limited. The concept behind this is to help improve a businesses cyber security posture and to provide reassurances in […]

ISO 27001 FAQ   What is ISO 27001 certification and how can the system help my business? Information is an asset which, like other important business assets, needs to be suitably protected. The ISO 27001 Information Security Management System is a systematic and pro-active approach to managing security risks which arise within an organisation. The system helps businesses to identify […]

Take Your Pick Within a business there will be a tipping point, a time when the decision is made to address the management and protection of data. This may occur through an internal desire for better corporate governance. Alternatively, it may be due to requirements needed to successful fulfil a new contract. Or perhaps it is due to a recent […]

Cyber Essentials vs ISO 27001 – where should organisations be looking? With the risk of data loss becoming more and more apparent to organisations of all shapes and sizes, many questions are being raised as to adequate protective layers for policies and processes. What should organisations have in place to protect its staff and customer data and its overall reputation […]

Organisations of all shapes and size continue to grow, to evolve, and to move into new markets. With this comes a need to meet criteria and legislation that may have not been initially planned for. This is especially the case when it comes to the subject of information technology and the security of data produced, modified and used by the […]