Cyber People

Rio 2016 is here …..expectations are high for another GB medal haul,  but this major sporting event is inevitably going to be a target for cyber attacks Some facts that will make Rio 2016 a draw for hackers  … Brazil is already recognized as hub for cybercrime ranking 10th in the Symantec 2015 Internet Security Threat Report London 2012 experienced […]

 In arriving at the decision to purchase cyber insurance a business will need to carry out a full cyber risk management analysis detailing vulnerabilities and how the businesses wishes to manage their cyber exposures which may impact on its day to day trading activities. Once this has been determined the outcome to purchase cyber insurance could be driven by the […]

‘What you need to get your foot in the door in Cyber Security?’ We are becoming more and more connected. Being able to control home equipment away from the home and working away from the office. All of this makes our lives easier and encourages us to be more efficient. We are all aware that an always connected society has […]


Cloud Computing has become popular in recent years, as Cloud Providers have been keen to promote the cost benefits and how simple it is to store date in a Cloud for example, Apples ICloud, Cloud is  not a straightforward solution and brings a whole set of issues that users need to considered. Cloud solutions have the capabilities to changing the […]

With over 50% of all internet users now accessing a social media network at least once a day organisations of all sizes face little choice as to whether they deal with social media in their businesses The latest ‘Cisco Connected World Technology Report’ reports that some 91% of students and workers believe the age of privacy is over, while a third […]

The future is about to change, fast.  The current ‘Information Age’ is going to turn into the ‘Smart Integration Age’. IoT – the Internet of Things, is going to be the next information evolution.  In fact, it’s going to be a revolution.  At present, people have an average of 1.5 smart devices.  Soon this will be 20 per person.  Smart […]

Hey someone just hacked my email… so what? The problem with a loose email account is the security lever it hands to the attacker! Let’s explore what we use email for: Messaging friends and family, networking and checking that our spam is actually… spam, but what’s the other thing that most of us NEED it for? Resetting passwords for those […]

Telling someone to come off Facebook or Twitter is like telling someone who is getting hate mail and phone calls to seal up their letter box and unplug the phone. We are a digital society that uses many different methods to communicate with people email, text, Whats app, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Xbox and the latest, Google periscope. Most people […]

This was a response I had from an IT Director of all people, I admit some years ago but this attitude is still pretty buoyant today. Not with my current IT Director I hasten to add. The unwanted attention of a cyberattack isn’t always a result of a targeted hack, running vulnerable online services might be enough to get you […]