Week In Review

Clarity is a wonderful thing. If you can gain a clear understanding of any issue, be that a personal one or a professional one then you have a good chance of resolving it. Context is the companion to clarity, its partner on ensuring that the sliding grey scale of ambiguity never holds you back from decision making. Clarity and context […]

I once sat in a meeting where I had to explain that a WiFi access point still had to be plugged into a cable. The senior manager I was addressing seemed to think that we could just place an access point anywhere in the cavernous space of the historic buildings from which we operated from and it would just magically […]

Why is a smart phone smart? You’d think there was a simple answer, a concise answer, but I can’t seem to find one. Wikipedia suggests that it’s a mobile phone with an advanced mobile operating system that combines the features of a mobile phone with those of other popular mobile devices. Other popular mobile devices? Name three! However the prefix […]

When a major US defence contractor, Raytheon, invests $1.57billion into a new joint cyber security venture with a private equity firm what does this say about the state of cyber security? My armchair analysis is that the industry is steadily moving from the classic early adopter phase into the mainstream. That subtle but important transition requires financial investment. Start ups […]

Issac Newton died back in 1726 yet his principles and discoveries are still referred to today and actively taught in classrooms across the world. The one that always stuck in my mind was his ‘third law’, that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction and I was reminded of that earlier this week as I read about […]

My eyes seem to have been drawn predominately Stateside over the past week as a combination of cyber stories and developments seem to have knitted themselves into a bigger circular picture. The FBI, the Secret Service and The US intelligence agencies are all currently investigating a cyber attack on the White House. According to a CNN report on this story […]

Seeing this week that there are approximately 3.75 vulnerabilities per average application, according to research done by Secunia, made me wonder who is actually winning this cyber cat and mouse game. If indeed there are any winners at all. When vulnerabilities like these are exposed and published, I have to assume that it puts those at the front line of […]

Hacking is such a terribly derogatory term. Derived from the work ‘hack’ which according to the dictionary app on my Mac is ‘to cut with rough or heavy blow’. The hackers I have met are far from rough; they are more akin to artists, surgeons or tenacious Rubik’s cube completists. I think the media and the industry like to portray […]