Warwickshire-West Mercia Cyber Crime video

A cyber crime video was launched recently in Birmingham that took a lot of time in filming and editing, and deserves more of an airing than it has received to date.

The video has contributions from a number of local/regional experts and victims of cyber crime and is highly recommended.

It is thought that many small businesses that have been breached are reluctant to talk about it or even admit to any loss of data. This may give a perception that the businesses who are prepared to come forward are isolated cases and not necessarily representative. It is the opinion of nearly all industry analysts and opinion formers that this is a false perception. Small businesses are very vulnerable. As one SME contributor to the video put it they are “sitting duck(s)”.

Please publicise this video across Herefordshire and Worcestershire:

So what should businesses influenced by this video actually do about it?

It is the opinion of the author that the only satisfactory way for small businesses to protect themselves against cyber crime, and prove that they are protected, is the get someone in to audit against a standard. The next best if a self-test audited scheme like Cyber Essentials, which will also provide enough evidence to allow cyber liability insurance at a competitive price. However, the most recent research has shown that SMEs are currently deeply suspicious of information assurance standards.

My current research will focus on SME attitudes to information assurance, which should provide a potential way forward to a cyber-safe future across the UK supply chain..

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